The Travelers

Travis Ball is a freshman at Montana State University who is majoring in Chemical

Engineering. He has a great interest in history, particularly the Great War for its tragedy

and irony. He feels honored to be able to go to the Western front one hundred years

after the war.

Ellen Guyer is a sophomore Cell Biology and Neuroscience student from Ekalaka,

Montana. The large group shots of MSU Honors students on their Great Expeditions

trips situated in the honors quads piqued her interest in the class. She knew very little

about World War One before the class and is excited to learn about how much a

century can change the world.

Sara Reed is a freshman at Montana State University. She strives to connect her

education with the world by traveling. She was unaware of the influences that WW1 had

on every aspect of the world we live in today, and is excited to step foot on to new soil

and with new literature (to her) in mind.

Laura Evans is a freshman currently undecided in her major, exploring various subjects.

She was drawn to this course on World War I by an urge to learn more about the Great

War. She is looking forward to seeing all the different ways in which people remember

those who have fallen.

Cody Hambrick is a freshman at Montana State University. He is studying civil

engineering and is a cadet in the Army ROTC program at MSU. The part of the trip that

he is most excited about is the chance to get to visit the Western front at such a historic


Becca Rodeghiero is a freshman at Montana State University studying Industrial

Engineering and minoring in Spanish. She was interested in the class and trip because

of the cultural perspective it would bring as well as the chance to learn more about the

Great War. Outside of her studies she can be found climbing or skiing with her friends.

Birdie Hall is a sophomore studying philosophy and English Literature. Her primary

interest in this class is the change of language in poetry and philosophy as a result of

the great war.

Daniel Peters is a sophomore at Montana State University seeking a dual degree in

chemical and biological engineering. Without a complete education in the Great War in

high school, but with an appreciation of its significance, he desired to learn more about

the conflict with the rigor and depth of a college course.

Heather Cummins is a sophomore at Montana State University majoring in English

Writing. She is looking forward to walking the same places soldiers walked while looking

into the past. Since she has never traveled outside the USA, this will be quite the

experience for her!

Anna Iler is a senior studying film at Montana State University. She enjoys the outdoors

and traveling. History has always fascinated her ands she looks forward to exploring the

world of the Great War through the eyes of modern memory.

Tanner Houselog is currently a senior at Montana State University, majoring in both

architecture and photography. His interest in the relationship between man and nature,

between the built and natural worlds, sparked his curiosity of the First World War. The

treachery of the war itself and its impacts both on mankind and the environment, as well

as the birth of the modern world captured his imagination and generated his desire to

explore Europe and the front-line, 100 years later!

Kayla Olson is a sophomore at MSU studying secondary English and history education.

She is most excited to see the many historical sites of the United Kingdom and France

first-hand! She took this class to ensure that she can pass on the importance of WW1 to

her future students.