Unfortunately we do not have any more events scheduled, but feel free to browse our past events and view the trailers of the film, Testament of Youth, to see if you would like to see it yourself.

Past Events

The Great War: 100 Years of Remembrance

Honor great expeditions

Thank-you to everyone who attended our event at the library! It was jammed pack and we hope everyone who went learned something new or it inspired you to learn more about the war yourself. We’ll be putting up posts soon regarding those people on whom each of us presented so stay tuned. We would also like to especially thank all the veterans or family members of veterans who attended and the Dean of the MSU Honors College,  Dr. Ilse-Mari Lee, for snapping the excellent photo you see above.


Film Screening: Testament of Youth

We had a free film showing of Testament of Youth at Procrastinator Theater in the MSU SUB on Wednesday, April 20th.  Thank-you to everyone who came, we really appreciate everyone who took the time to enjoy this film about The Great War. Unfortunately, it was B.Y.O.P… no I did not misspell biopic, it stands for “Bring Your Own Popcorn” a term our professor coined during one of our meetings. However, we had a free (yes, more free stuff!) raffle with a bunch of different prizes including some novels about WWI and other various prizes thanks to the generosity of Barnes&Nobles and one of our local bookstores, Country Bookshelf, located in Downtown Bozeman.  Trailers #1 and #2 for the film can be found below if you would like see if it is something you would be interested in.