Bus to Verdun, Stop at Reims

Well, this may be the one day on the trip where we really did not do anything that has to do with World War One, so this is more of just a travel update. So it goes.

We left Arras around 9:00 A.M, with a stop at Rheims for lunch. We had a walk around the town as well and a few went into the cathedral that was there. It was partly destroyed by shelling during World War Two, and the outside was undergoing restoration while we were there. There were many beautiful stained glass windows in there as well as amazing sculptures on the outside. After the bus ride to our hotel by Verdun, we took a short break there before going to dinner at Poivre Rouge. Some people did not really like the meal but it was okay. A short post I know, but we should have a lot more for you tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

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