Au revoir London, Arriving in Arras, Poppies, and French Cuisine

Au revoir London, Arriving in Arras, Poppies, and French Cuisine

Last day in England, last English breakfast as we venture on to France. It was a late start today with the group taking a bus to Kings Cross Station to catch the 12:58 P.M. to Brussels, stopping along the way at Lille Europe, our station. Some people’s ears hurt at the beginning but we all survived the journey across the Chunnel (nickname for the Channel Tunnel).

Hotel poppy painting

At the station we met our new tour manager, Nubilla, and she took us to our bus to go to Arras, about an hour drive. After taking a short break at the hotel (which had paintings of poppies and various poppy trinkets and utensils along with tiny British soldiers in a case in the lobby) , most of the group went out with our professor for a walk around the town.

We started out by going to the Place Des Heroes, a big square near the cathedral, which had quite a few connections to WWI. The town was nearly leveled in both World Wars and has gone through a lot of restoration to restore it to the way it was before the war. There is also another monument to the war, specifically of a French solider, near our hotel that someone took a picture of. An hour later it was time for dinner at where we had a delicious meal of cheese with salad, pork and vegetables, and a hazelnut cake for dessert. Ah the delectability of French cuisine… I am looking forward to that, as I’m sure some soldiers from different cultures did as well. Anyways that was about it for today, little light on World War One history, but it was a traveling day and we have a lot in store tomorrow that we can’t wait to share with you. Thanks for reading!


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    Thanks for writing about the trip!

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